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10 Signs of Dehydration You Need to Know About

Water is a major part of life and in the human body it can reach up to 75% which means that it is critical to stay hydrated. There are three stages of dehydration and the severe one is life-threatening. However, you can catch the early signs of dehydration and start rehydrating yourself as soon as possible. Even more important is to create a habit to hydrate your body on a daily basis to prevent severe dehydration. Drinking at least a litre and a half of pure water during the day is critical for your health. The quality of the water is also important, for example spring or structured water is more easily absorbed by the cells than tap water. 

Dehydration occurs when the fluids entering the body are less than the water amount leaving it. The obvious cause is not drinking enough water or not eating any fruits or vegetables, in the long term the cells will become dehydrated while many processes in the body are water consuming. Other causes are excess sweating, vomiting or high body temperature. Some health conditions like diabetes can cause dehydration as the urinating is increased as an attempt of the body to decrease the levels of the glucose in the blood.

10 Signs of Dehydration

  • Cool, dry or flushed skin 
  • Dizziness, lightheadedness or headaches
  • Increased thirst
  • Dry mouth or bad breath 
  • Dark urine, low or no urine output
  • Low blood pressure and high heart rate
  • Weakness and tiredness
  • Muscle cramps
  • Decreased sweating 
  • Increased respiratory rate

The skin is a very sensitive organ and it shows the early stages of dehydration very quickly. The turgor of the skin becomes rough, the skin can be cool to touch or just really dry. The elasticity is decreased and you can easily see how it has lost its natural glow and shine. 

If you feel dizzy or lightheaded in the afternoon, you probably haven’t drunk enough water during the day. Headaches are a common sign that the body is dehydrated and the brain needs more water in order to function properly. Drinks like coffee and black tea are diuretics and they will increase the water amount leaving the body, make sure that you always compensate with pure, clean water. 

Many people wait until there is a feeling of thirst before they reach out for the water bottle. Actually, increased thirst is a sign that there is already a level of dehydration in the body, it is better to hydrate yourself prior to signs of thirst or dry mouth. Some experts connect the bad breath with dehydration as when the mouth is dry, the environment becomes even more friendly to the bacteria in the mouth causing bad breath. 

When the urine output is very low or even absent during the day, or if you see that the color of the urine is quite dark, it means that there is not enough water in the body and the kidneys are under pressure. The lighter the color, the more hydrated the body is. When the body is in a good condition, you will urinate at least 4 times per day or even more. However, in case of diabetes the urine output is increased but the body is still dehydrated due to the high blood sugar. 

The fluid balance in the body is critical for the cardiovascular system, when there is not enough water, the blood will become thicker. This can lead to low blood pressure and higher heart rate. At that stage of dehydration, you really need to rehydrate as soon as possible, providing the body with the needed electrolytes and fluids. 

When your systems are affected by dehydration, some functions of the body will be disrupted and you can experience increased respiratory rate. The heart is closely connected to the lungs, so when the heart is facing difficulties pumping the blood which has become thicker, the lungs will be affected too. 

If you are training and sweat a lot, especially during the summer or in a hot climate, you might experience muscle cramps due to dehydration. The muscle tissue is losing water very fast and the sign is the cramp. In that case, you will see better results if you rehydrate with electrolytes. Another sign is dehydration is actually decreased sweating, the body regulation is preventing it from losing too much fluids.

Weakness or tiredness could also be signs of dehydration. When the normal functioning of the cells and organs is interrupted, you might feel extremely tired and weak. However, the reason could be a hidden health condition, so if you rehydrate for several days by drinking a lot of pure water or from eating good amounts of fruits and vegetables but the symptoms are still there, you will need to search for other causes of your fatigue. 

Drinking pure, naturally structured water can make a huge difference. This gently energized water by a coMra Wave device, is very well absorbed by the cells. In fact, coMra Wave will not change the ingredients in the water but by creating an invisible vortex on a molecular level, it returns the water molecules in its natural order, thus restoring its inherent vitality and energy.




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