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7 Ways to Reduce Stress Quickly

Stress. We all know how that feels. It often makes teams with anxiety, emotional imbalance and fatigue. There are tips and tricks to reduce your stress levels quickly and also to manage it in the long terms. It is quite important to know how to lower your cortisol levels as there are so many stress-related conditions and diseases. The adrenal glands are the ones responsible for the cortisol levels in your body, so they will need more care and attention. However, here are some techniques which you can use to reduce your stress response very quickly.

1.Deep breathing

This is very common advice but it is working. In yoga, deep and long breathing is used to calm your mind and body, preparing for the practice. Next time when you feel that stress is taking over your mind, pause for a moment and just breathe. Be there and breathe for several minutes. It is simple but very effective. 

2. Slow movement and stretching

Often you can feel that stress is making your body stiff, it feels almost like freezing – you cannot move, you cannot think or talk, you are just stuck. So, then move around the room doing very long and slow movements. You can also try stretching at your desk or do Yin yoga in the evening, it is especially effective if you do it before going to bed. In fact, any slow movement that is synchronized with your deep breathing will work. 

3. Take a walk

Since we are on the movement part, another very good option is to take a walk. When you go outside, you kind of move yourself away from the situation and you literally change the scenery. You can walk quickly or very slowly but try to be fully present, watch the things around you, observe every little detail and that will help you get out of your head. 

4. Essential oils and calming herb tea

Many people find it very helpful to have essential oils handy for every situation when they need the calming effect of some herbs like lavender, rose, ylang ylang, frankincense, neroli, sandalwood, etc. Basically, any aroma that is making you feel good will work, even your best perfume blend. Just place several drops on your hand and inhale it or use a diffuser. You can also make yourself a cup of calming tea infusion from melissa, camomile, valeriana, mint, etc. You can use “good night” tea blends which are easily found in every supermarket. 

5. Hydrate yourself

Water is powerful and our bodies need it on a daily basis. Very often, when you are dehydrated you might experience headache, anxiety or dizziness. So, make sure that you drink enough pure, energized water which will hydrate your brain and your inner organs, helping your blood circulation and detoxification from toxins. Sometimes, toxins are formed in the body as a result of the high levels of cortisol. Find out how to energize your water in just ten minutes here.

6. Ask for support, talk to your friends or an expert

If possible, take a break and call your friend or if you have more time meet then in person. The purpose of that is to ask for support from someone who loves you, to feel that they are there for you. Talk your stress out or write it down, maybe this will help you see the situation from a different perspective. Make sure that you do not isolate yourself when you are under stress but on the contrary, acknowledge your state of being and reach out to people who you feel close to. 

7. Close your eyes and listen to music

Take several minutes for yourself and just close your eyes while listening to calming and soothing music. Music activates our senses and when we listen to harmonious music, it could help us calm down very quickly. If it is possible to combine it with some time in the bathtub, it will be even more effective. Again, try to be fully in the moment, listen to each note with every fibre of your being, dive into the harmony of the sound. If you have the option, you can try a sound healing session with tibetian bowls, gong and other instruments which are designed to heal and tune your body and mind.




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