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Frequently Asked Questions about coMra Wave technology

Frequently Asked Questions about coMra Wave technology

Q: I have seen devices, like phone covers, that claim to block EMF radiations. How is your product protecting me from those radiations?

A: coMra Wave technology does not work on the principle of blocking the radiation, as your cell phone would no longer work correctly. It uses some of the radiation as a power source to generate an electromagnetic signature that is beneficial in the re-balancing of water. This also benefits the water in your body when our products are in close proximity to you.

Q: Does your product change the pH of water?

A: There is no change in pH observed through scientific testing. The change in the structure of the water pertains to the bulk water cluster sizes and dynamics, not the chemical composition or the content of the water.

Q: Has your product been tested?

A: Yes, it has been tested with a range of different scientific approaches. Nuclear Magnetic resonance (NMR), microwave spectrum and power analysis, and dissolved oxygen tests. The results from all these tests show that coMra Wave technology re-balances the quality of the water closer to that of natural water. Our research is continually on-going and we also publish and share our research results on our website. Have a look at our research pages for more information.

Q: What is the radiation reduction from your products?

A: It very much depends on the make and model of your cell phone. We have tested on average a 25% reduction. For some phones we have measured up to a 50% reduction. See our Radiation Protection research page for more information.

Q: How many glasses of energised water should I drink per day?

A: Each person is different, so it is up to you. We drink at least four glasses of energised water per day. There are no known dis-advantages to drinking more energised water.

Q: Are your products suitable for pregnant women?

A: Yes, they are suitable for pregnant women. Pregnant women are frequently purchasing these products for radiation protection for themselves and their unborn baby.

Q: If I use your product on my phone, will my phone still work?

A: Yes. coMra Wave technology does not interfere with the correct operation of your phone or other wireless products. Our product uses a different approach which does not block the wireless radiation, but instead uses a little of it to generate a signature that can be used to assist in the transformation of the structure of the water, and the water in your body.

Q: Can I use the coMra Wave Coaster to energise other liquids like tea, coffee, wine, and other beverages?

A: Yes, by all means! It has been tested, and you will find the usual product benefits and additionally a qualitative enhancement of the taste of the particular liquid you are energising.

Q: I have a filter system under my sink, can I attach the coMra Wave Cell on the filter?

A: Yes, you can. As long as it is a plastic filter and not metal.

Q: Can I attach the coMra Wave Cell inside of my household water tank?

A: No, the Cell is not suitable for immersion in water vessels, because the adhesive back surface is not water compatible. For immersion in your water tank you could use the coMra Wave Pendant, or use the coMra Wave Cell on the outside of the tank. However, the tank must be plastic and not metal.

Q: Why should I use the coMra Wave Cell on my phone?

A: In order to protect yourself from the potentially harmful radiation that is coming from your cell phone.

Q: What is the lifetime of your product?

A: The coMra Wave product range does not use a battery or any movable parts. It is sealed in a food-grade package so air and water cannot enter. The lifetime of the product just depends on normal wear and tear.

Q: What kind of people are buying your products?

A: People from all walks of life and ages. A lot of women are purchasing our product. It seems that women are quicker in sensing the value, quality, and benefit of our product, and are more environmentally safety conscious!

Q: What is the minimum time of exposure in order for your product to energise water?

A: Five minutes is enough to start experiencing the effects of the vitalisation and freshening of drinking water. There is no maximum time either. For example, you can leave your cup of water on the coMra Wave Coaster throughout the night and in the morning you can enjoy fresh water.

Q: How long does the water that has been energised with coMra Wave technology retains its freshness?

A: The water can retain the signature of the coMra Wave technology for at least 24 hours. Tests are currently being done over more than 30 days where it is possible to retain the electromagnetic high frequency signature. Over time it of course dissipates.

Q: Does your product really work without a battery?

A: Yes. Instead of using a battery our technology receives power from the microwave background radiation. This power is utilised in generating a high frequency signature that is beneficial for the natural refreshing of drinking water and the water in your body.

Q: Does your product need maintenance?

A: No, the coMra Wave product range does not need maintenance. It works without battery and no replaceable parts are needed. All you need do is look after your product as you would any other personal product, and it will serve you for life.

Q: Are your products food safe?

A: Yes, all the encapsulating materials and processes used in the manufacture of our products are food-safe. Every material we use is tested and certified as to its chemical content and structure.

Q: What is the technological difference between the Cell and the Pendant?

A: The coMra Wave Pendant has a 7-layer device. The first 6 layers are the high frequency technologies, and the 7th layer is a quartz crystal substrate layer for a more focused delivery of the vortex signature.