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What Foods Can You Ferment at Home?

Fermented foods are tasty and healthy, they are full of vitamins, minerals and probiotics. Many people have noticed that their gut health is improving when they consume fermented foods regularly. The question is can you make them at home and what foods you can actually ferment on your own. The short answer is almost anything, at least foods that do not require a very specific room temperature and humidity. Fermenting food at home could be easy and is in fact quite fun, you just need good water, vegetables, fruits or milk (depending on the type of fermented product you would like to make) and in some cases, a starter.

Good Water for the Best Fermented Foods

First of all, know your water. Almost every recipe for fermented foods will require water because water is the perfect medium for the “good” bacteria to grow. However, some bacteria are so sensitive to water additives that you might not be able to use just tap water. The best water source would be a natural spring. But what to do if you do not have access to a clean natural spring? 

The second best choice is filtered water as most of the chemicals are removed from the water. However, if you want your water to still have its natural energy, its natural power – you will need to energize it. In nature, water is moving very smoothly making a lot of round movements and all of that keeps its natural molecular structure. In order to return your filtered tap water to life, you can use a coMra Wave device under your water container. 

Using coMra Wave is very easy as these devices do not require battery charging or any other consumables, you just place it under your bottle or glass and in ten minutes, the water will be again full of energy, just like the spring water. The devices are creating a vortex in the molecular level which helps the molecules going back to their natural order. Drinking such water will improve your overall health and regarding the fermented foods, it improves the fermentation process. 

Foods That You Can Ferment At Home

  • Pickled Vegetables
  • Sauerkraut
  • Kimchi
  • Kombucha drink
  • Yogurt and kefir
  • Sourdough bread
  • Fermented juice, chilli sauce or ketchup
  • Cheese
  • Drinking vinegars

The pickled vegetables and the sauerkraut are very similar to ferment, and are the easiest way to start your fermentation journey. So, you need your vegetables or cabbage cleansed, water and salt. That is all. Then you chop, slice or put them as they are in jars, add water and salt and then wait. In a week’s time or even sooner if the temperature is higher, you will have your fermented food ready to eat and enjoy. 

For the kimchi you will need a bit more experience and also more ingredients. There are different recipes for this Southeastern delight available online, however in most of them you will see a lot of spices to add to your cabbage. The type of cabbage used is also different from the sauerkraut, namely Chinese cabbage or napa cabbage. Usually, kimchi is quite spicy and is a great side dish.

If you like to drink kombucha, you will have different options to use as a base – green tea, hern infusion, etc. The fermentation process will need some sugars in the form of plain sugar or dried foods, and of course you will need to have a starter – the “kombucha mushroom” or the “tea fungus” called SCOBY. SCOBY is the commonly used acronym for “symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast”.

Sourdough bread has a unique taste and each bread has its own specific characteristics. To make your own variation you will need a starter which in fact can also be made from scratch but the experience has shown that you will have better results with a starter from a baker, or from a friend who bakes their own bread regularly. Sourdough bread needs a lot of time to prove but the result is really worthed.

Making your own yogurt, kefir or cheese will require good quality milk and a starter. After tasting your own homemade milk fermented foods, you will see a great difference than the ones in the supermarket. The textures are not the same as there are no chemicals added in your food and most of all they all taste amazing. 

The list of fermented foods that you can make is not ending here. You can make your own chilli sauces, fermented fruit juices, ketchup or vinegars. Everything is about experimenting and searching for what is working the best for you. People have fermented food for thousands of years and in the heart of it is to play with it, to experiment and to have fun.




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