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How to Make Fermented Vegetables At Home

Fermentation has been known to humanity for thousands of years, in the old days that was the only way to store food. The good news is that fermented food is both tasty and healthy. The probiotics in the fermented food are essential for gut health which is linked to various conditions, from boating to depression. When the bacteria population in your gut is compromised, the whole body will experience the negative effect. So, the best way to provide these essential probiotics is through the fermented foods which you can easily make at home.

Choose and Prepare Your Vegetable

For the fermentation process to go smoothly, you will need to choose fresh vegetables which have no signs of rotting. Even if a really small part of the vegetable is rotten, it will disrupt the fermentation and will turn the whole batch into an uneatable mess. So, find the best possible vegetables like cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, cauliflower or any other that you want to ferment and chop or slice it. The smaller the pieces, the faster the fermentation will be. 

Have Your Best Water Close 

Before starting with the preparation of the brine, you will need to think about the water which will be used for the fermentation. Unquestionably, you need water that is filtered from chlorine, fluoride and other chemicals like the ones found in tap water. The best water source is a clean well or a natural spring as the water is still “alive”, so to say. However, even if you choose to use tap or bottled water, there is a non-invasive way to return its natural structure. 

The coMra Wave devices are very small and use no battery, in just ten minutes they will return the natural energy of the water creating an invisible vortex inside the container. You can use such water and also, you can place the jar with the vegetables prepared for fermentation to stay on the device. Just place the coMra Cell or Coaster under the jar and leave it there for the whole time.  

Prepare the Brine 

In order to prepare the brine for the vegetables, you will need to choose if you are going to ferment them using salt or a starter culture. Just mix the water with some salt and pour the mixture over the vegetables, the usual proportion is 30gr of salt per liter of water. However, this proportion will change depending on your taste and the quality of the salt used. Make sure that the vegetables are all covered in brine because the fermentation is an anaerobic process, weigh them all down under the brine in your vessel. 

Wait and Let the Fermentation Happen

Once the vessel for your fermentation is full with vegetables and brine, tighten the lid but not too hard. The oxygen should not enter in but the carbon dioxide should escape, otherwise it will create an enormous pressure on the lid and could explode. Store the jar in a cool, dark place. As mentioned above, using a coMra Wave device under the jar will support the fermentation and will guarantee a better taste for your vegetables, this was tested many times in home conditions. Now, the fermentation time can vary from several days to many months, everything is about the taste you like. Once your vegetables are ready and you have achieved the optimal flavor, move them to the refrigerator to stop the fermentation process. You can now enjoy your own homemade fermented food. The coMra Wave devices can be used all the time under your water containers like bottles, glasses and water jugs. Drinking such water will improve your health and support the detoxification of the toxins out of the body.




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