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How Does EMF Affect Your Body: EMF Symptoms and Protection

All these new gadgets that are part of our modern life are there to make our life easier. However, the increased use of cell phones, computers, microwaves, internet routers and other appliances might be potentially harmful for your health. Should we all be concerned about the exposure to EMF (electro-magnetic field) and how our habits affect our health?

Which Are the Main Sources of EMF?

There are small energetic devices like TVs, phones and computers which we all use daily. Although these devices are small and not so powerful, the prolonged use may cause some negative side effects. These include microwave ovens, routers, house energy meters, bluetooth devices, power lines, etc. Much larger EMF is created by big power mains, mobile stations, eclectic trains and trams, and even by the sun. In the middle section are devices like TV computer screens, mobile stations, TV and radio transmitters and radars. The X-ray by the imaging medical machines emit high-level radiation which should be very limited and used only if really needed. The closer you are to the source of EMF, the greater are the side effects on your body. 

Symptoms of EMF Exposure

According to the newest research, EMF affects the functioning of the nervous system and may cause damage to the cells. It is even connected to unusual growths in the body and some cancer formations. The symptoms of EMF exposure are headaches, fatigue, sleep disorders, dizziness, irritability, depression, lack of concentration, changes in memory, loss of appetite, nausea and anxiety. Some people are more sensitive to EMF than others, they will experience more frequent and severe symptoms. It is very unlikely that you will be diagnosed with this while the symptoms may refer to many other conditions. The doctors still do not have enough information on how the EMF affects the body. 

General Protection from EMF 

The main question is how to avoid EMF exposure. While a lot of people experience phone headaches after a couple of hours of phone use, it is a good idea to keep the phone away from your head while talking using headphones or the speaker function. Try to not carry your phone in your pocket or close to your body. Additionally, you should never sleep with the phone close to your head, the best is to leave it in the other room and to turn off your Wi-Fi router. Distance from devices is key as it is shown that the power of the EMF decreases by moving away from the device. For example, you should never stay in front of a working microwave oven looking at your dish, at least 3-4 meters away is recommended, even more. 

Additional Protection from EMF 

It is not easy to keep your phone away from you, especially if you carry it in your pocket or your work is connected with using a phone or a computer. So, there is another way to protect yourself from EMF exposure. The coMra Wave devices designed for phones and computers are not blocking the signal but they protect your body and especially your brain from the harmful radiation. These small portable devices do not need any batteries to work and they actually protect the water molecules in your body. The studies show that the radiation causes 25% less damage to your brain cells when you are using coMra Wave Cell in the form of a sticker on the back of your phone. Most of the people who use coMra Wave reported less headache after a prolonged use of the phone. It is highly recommended that all the devices of your children also have coMra Wave protection as kids are even more sensitive to EMF exposure. To increase the protection for the body, there is also a very beautiful coMra Wave Pendant which you can carry on your neck always, just not in the shower. In this way, the technology is close to your body and will provide an even better protection of your inner organs.





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