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Does Cell Phone Radiation Damage the Brain?

Cell phones have been widely used for the last twenty years and some studies are dedicated to the effect of the phone use on the brain. How does phone radiation affect the brain? Are there damages on the brain tissue and activity due to a long-term heavy use of cell phones? Is it safe to talk on your phone close to your head?

Effects of Phone Use on the Brain

In the past, heavy cell phone use was linked to brain tumors, however lately the companies producing phones claim that the effect is not so severe but is it really safe? Many people report having light to mild headaches after some time on the phone without using headphones or the speaker function. It is not hard to make the connection. Some studies show that phone use close to your head leads to increased cortical activity which may manifest as irritability, dizziness and even nausea. A study resulted in the evidence that phone use affects the memory abilities of the brain, also the ability to concentrate has decreased. 

Damages on the Brain Activity and Functions 

Only one hour on the phone will change the glucose production in the brain which is its main fuel and many researchers claim that phone use actually triggers potentially harmful changes to the brain cells. The blood-brain barrier is damaged after only 28 days of a heavy phone use which means it becomes more permeable, also the blood vessels shrink and some substances may “leak” into the brain. We still do not know if phone radiation has to be considered a potential carcinogen, causing a risk of brain cancer after a long-term heavy use. 

What Are the Risk for Little Children 

Now, this is a sensitive subject while thousands of infants are introduced to mobile technologies at a very early age. The skull of children is thinner and their brain might absorb ten times more radiation compared to adults. That is the main reason why little children have to stay away from talking over the phone, especially if they put the device close to their head. The exposure to mobile phones and tablets in the form of playing games or watching videos should be avoided too as the increased brain activity may cause problems with sleeping and behaviour changes. 

How to Protect Your Brain

First of all, try to limit the use of phones in your daily life. However, if that  is not possible, which often is the case nowadays, you will need some protection. One such solution is to put a small sticker on the back of your phone. The small coMra Wave Cell will protect the water in your brain by placing the water molecules in their natural order. This device does not need a battery and will last for a very long time without the need of changing it. It is not a blocker, so the signal will not be affected but it protects your brain tissue. Actually, coMra Wave protects all the cells in your body. For example, you can choose to wear a coMra Wave Pendant which is beautiful but it will also support your body in its fight with the effect of phone radiation and EMF pollution.

What Else You Could Do to Minimize Phone Radiation Exposure

When talking over the phone try to keep it away from your head, use headphones or the speaker function. Never sleep with the phone close to your head and try not to carry it in a pocket, for example. Pregnant women should avoid placing the phone close to the abdominal area in order to protect the unborn child from the harmful effects of the radio waves. If possible, leave your phone in the other room for the night and turn off the Wi-Fi router in the evening. Little children should not be left playing or using a cell phone unsupervised.


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