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Do Phones Make Migraine Worse?

How does your cell phone impact your migraine and can the phone use cause headaches? While headaches and migraine attacks are quite different, the phones can become a trigger for them both. It is definitely quite useful to know what triggers your migraine and to reconsider how much time you spent looking at screens. The phone radiation, the heat coming from the device and the blue light emitted by the screen are all possible triggers for your migraine. Is there a way to protect yourself from the harmful cell phone radiation?

Causes and Symptoms of Migraine

The most common symptom of migraine is pulsation in the head and sometimes you can experience pain behind the eyes, nausea, vomiting and extreme sensitivity to sounds and light. The migraine attack can last for hours and the pain can be from mild to severe. Although so many people experience this neurological disease called migraine, the cause is still not known. 

Phone Use and Migraine

The heavy phone use is known to cause a headache in more sensitive people, especially if you keep the phone too close to the head. It produces minimal heat which can cause a mild headache even in less than 20 minutes. That is why it is so often recommended to use your hands free or the speaker function, keeping the phone at least 5-10cm away from your head. The blue light coming from the screen can be another trigger for the migraine as it keeps the brain awake in the night and causes sleep disorders.

The mild radiation coming from the phone can cause brain damage if you are a heavy phone user, so consider protection from the harmful effects by using a special device as a sticker on the back of the phone. For example, coMra Wave Cell will not block the signal but will protect your brain from the negative side effects. It is very easy to use and does not need any battery, it provides a very gentle protection from the cell phone radiation and other EMFs.

Reduce Your Screen Time and Calls

A good strategy to limit the blur limit coming from the phone is to turn on the night mode which will make the screen a bit more yellow, blocking the blue light. It is especially useful in the evening before going to bed, but you can also use this option during the day. Keeping the phone in another room while sleeping will prevent sound disruptions during the night and the radiation coming from it while updating. You should never sleep with the phone next to your head. 

How to Treat or Prevent Migraines

The strategy for prevention is to observe your triggers and to work with them, of course they all will require inner work with your perception, thoughts and emotions. Cold laser therapy can also be very helpful in treating the symptoms and the cause of it. It is a very gentle and non-invasive method to use a pain relief option but also to support the whole body into recovery and healing. Some foods such as eggs, dairy products, wheat, onions, ect. are known to be triggers for the migraine attacks, so you need to be aware of the ones which are triggers for yourself personally. Alcohol and caffeine could also be triggers, so try to limit or completely avoid the consumption of these products, especially red wine. Using the EMF protection provided by coMra Wave products will also reduce the harmful effects of the cell phone and might be helpful for your migraine.




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