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Too Much Phone Use Can Cause Headaches and Other Health Impacts

With the development of all these smart technologies, people are spending long hours looking at screens or talking over the phone. However, the phones are now so different from the ones in the past – the more they help us connect, the more health impacts they cause. Can the use of phones cause headaches? Yes. It can also affect your sleep negatively and can cause eye problems.

Blue Light from The Screen Can Affect Your Eyes

The blue light emitted by the screens is very bright, it is not soft and yellow like the sunlight, for example. This affects the eyes as they are not supposed to be exposed to blue light for long hours and some people tend to spend more than 10 hours per day looking at screens like computers, tablets and phones. Of course, this blue light exposure is even more harmful to little children and teenagers as while the eyes are becoming more sensitive, all of this can lead to eye problems and the need to wear prescribed glasses at an early age. The changes in the eye pressure can cause headaches and mild forms of migraines. 

Phone Use Before Going to Bed Affects Your Sleep

The production of melatonin, which is the hormone responsible for your sleep phase, is disrupted by the blue light. Normally, when the sun sets in the evening and it becomes dark, your body increases the levels of melatonin preparing for sleep and in the morning the levels go down. But what happens when you are staring at the bright phone in the evening? Your brain is not producing enough melatonin and you cannot fall asleep. The other reason for sleep disorders linked to phone use, is that you are keeping your mind busy with a lot of information that has to be processed. Sleep deprivation can cause headaches, migraines, high or low blood pressure, etc. The best night routine is to put the phone away and read a book or listen to calm music instead for at least one hour. 

Phone Radiation Can Cause Headaches

The waves of the cell phones might not be so harmful when you are talking for a minute or two. However, a lot of people experience mild headaches after 20 minutes or more spent on the phone. Additionally, if you experience chronic migraines, the phone use can make them worse. The brain is affected by the radiation coming from the phone, that is why it is highly recommended that you place it away from your head when talking and use headphones or the speaker function when possible. You should never sleep with a switched on phone next to your head or under the pillow, for children this is mandatory too. The best option for the night is to put your phone on airplane mode or leave it in the other room. 

Reducing the Harmful Effect of Phone Use

While too much use of phones can cause headaches and other health issues, the most reasonable advice would be to reduce the time spent. However, in our daily life that sometimes is not possible. Then, consider headphones when talking but the phone is still close to your body most of the time. A tool that can soothe the harmful effects of the phone on your health is coMra Wave. A small sticker on the back of your phone will not block the radiation but will protect your body from the absorption of it. These portable devices are protecting the water in your head and your body creating a healthy pattern in the water molecules. It is highly recommended that you use coMra Wave on all of the devices of your children too.    

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